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Good morning guys. Haven't been on here lately, but new symptoms arising! this last week for a few mornings I have woken up with very bad aches and pains, even during the night while I am trying to sleep. It feels like i haven't lifted in months and then went and did a killer workout (that kind of sore) and I didn't lift. I exercise (run & bike) but not anywhere near as much since my condition has gotten much worse. Wondering if this is the hashi's or do i have another auto immune condition. I currently have 4 as i know of.

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  • If we aren't on an optimum dose for us personally, exercising can deplete T3 which is needed by our billions of receptor cells, thus may be causing your pain.

    I am hypo - didn't exercise and when put on levo then the aches and joint/muscle pain began and I was so stiff could barely move.

    Sometimes the addition of T3 might be helpful.

  • thank you. I had a post on here a few wks ago about how my T3 and T4 levels hardly went up in 6 months of being on thyroid hormone. So i wonder if i need more T4, just a T3 add on or both........

  • My personal view, and I'm not medically qualified but have been on the roundabout quite a few times in the past that I would prescribe some T3 to everyone - not just T4. Now I'm off the roundabout, thankfully, for a while now.

    Some people are resistant to thyroid hormones and only T3 at large doses will relieve symptoms.

  • i wonder what they will say, more T4 or add a T3

  • HASHISmom34 I can't answer but so glad you asked. I have felt like I have been fighting a cold for months now. Nothing really comes of it but my neck shoulders and back ache like mad and it's as if I am getting a cold. I wondered whether it was related to Hashimotos. I too really want to get back to exercise. I have tried in the past and like you feel like I've run a marathon after only doing gentle exercise (compared to what I used to do). I am waiting for T3 to arrive. I am hoping that might give my levels the boost they need to enable me to get back to exercising. Good luck :-)

  • thank you. yes exercising every day doesn't happen often for me. I tried to get as many days a week in as i can, but with the aches and low energy it stinks. Keep me posted Angelcan81 on your voyage with T3!!! :)

  • Will do HASHISmom34. I'm like a little terrier whenever the postman arrives hoping that he has my T3 lol. I'll let you know how I get on :-)

  • Don't rush into strenuous exercise before you are on an optimum of hormones (i.e. feel well with no clinical symptoms). Our bodies have taken years for hormones to gradually diminish, so it stands to reason it will take a while to get back to 'normal'. Gentle walking etc to begin with. :)

  • Thanks shaws. I have learnt the hard way lol. I have taken up yoga classes to help me so I can see it the T3 I have ordered does the job. Can't wait to try it now lol 😁

  • Wishing you well :)

  • lol unfortunately I have never been one for light exercise, even while pregnant. it takes a lot for me to take it easy. I didn't know exercise depletes T3.

  • It's because T3 is the active hormone and the only one that drives our metabolism. I assume our healthy gland would see that we didn't lack the amount required in our cells for everyday living, This is an excerpt:


    There has been some hoopla around the net about the possibility of endurance training affecting thyroid function in a negative way, especially in women (but could happen to men). And when women stop their endurance or cardio training, they see their T3 levels come back up where they should be. One article cites 80 difference references about problems caused from excess training or exercise. But what I fail to see mentioned in many articles is the potential physiological reason why. First, more intensive exercise raises cortisol levels (in those with healthy adrenal function–not in those with sluggish adrenal function). Both higher levels of cortisol, as well as increased inflammation, inhibit the conversion of T4 to T3. This inhibition raises the levels of Reverse T3, which lowers the cellular receipt of T3. And here’s something quite interesting also found in this article:

    “….low intensity exercise (40%) does not result in significant increases in cortisol levels, but, once corrections for plasma volume reduction occurred and circadian factors were examined, low intensity exercise actually resulted in a reduction in circulating cortisol levels.”

    The above biological fact about exercise and cortisol is another reason why intense exercise becomes a no-no if saliva testing proves you already have an adrenal (sluggishness) or HPA feedback issue.

  • adaptagen herbs like ashwagandha for example help with adrenals. I wonder if it is safe with hashi's and being on synthroid?

  • I wouldn't know the answer to that.

  • I feel the same all the time, wake up and feels like I have running a marathon. Also like I have a flu all the time but never get really sick. Have lots of phlegm also.. Mayby it has to do with T3 I have never tested that... I have hashimoto's.

    Do you have 4 autoimmune diaseses??

  • I have endometriosis, Asthma, Hashi's which not long after getting diagnosed they thought i had hyperthyroid but found out it was just thyroid storms i was experiencing. I have full blown hypo now and i may have a IBD as well. Still looking for more testing and answers. Next stop Rheumatology. Sinus and allergies can go hand in hand with auto immune. I have both. I get a lot of mucus and so does my little boy.

  • Have you considered removing gluten from your diet - to help with the inflammatory conditions you have - just a thought :-) Mucus is just a way of removing toxins from the body ... Had it for years and always had a tissue under my nose !!

  • yeah i already do eat a lot of gluten free stuff but haven't cut all gluten and dairy out yet.

  • Oh hope you don't get more diagnosises. I have chronic sinus problems, haven't stopped eat gluten but will try paelo diet ito see if t will help with inflammations.

  • I hear going 100% dairy and gluten free does wonders. Good luck!

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