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Effects of nutriadrenals

It may not have been here but someone recently said they were taking 5 nutriadrenals a day and I responded with surprise because I had been following the bottle advice to take 1/day.

Since then I've increased to 3-5/day and I seem to be having contradictory results. Slightly higher BP (good) but still low HR (around 50-60), quite dozy and sleeping heavily, but also a thick head and the first hints of a migraine.

Can anyone explain that???

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I used to take 4 nutri-adrenal but didn't really feel lots better - not your symptoms, though. It took me a couple of yers ot get to that level. The dose might now be too high. I changed to Adrenal cortex, which seems to suit me better. I get a thick head and residual headache if I forget to take my hormones, so it could be low or unbalanced sex hormones.

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