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I am new to this group, hope you can help. I had a health check and my thyroid result came back at 7.5, I had symptoms of weight gain (even though I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and haven't changed my diet), periods gone very heavy and close together, tired all the time and hair gone very thin. My last two tests are 5.4 which were 6 months apart. My doc just left a message saying happy they are stable and the test in 12 months.

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  • Unfortunately NHS GPs are dreadful in diagnosing thyroid disorders a lot wait until the TSH gets to 10 or higher before dealing with it. So I suggest you see a private GP or endo.

    In addition get your vitamin B12, folate, ferritin and vitamin D levels tested and cut down your gym sessions. Also be aware that depending what exercise you are doing at the gym you won't lose weight. You may need to get tested privately for these.

    BTW If you keep complaining your NHS GP is likely to put you on antidepressants. You don't need antidepressants.

    Edited to say: The ThyroidUK office is closed until 1st September so it would be worth putting an new post with your general location and the locations you travel to with requests for people to message you with private GP or endo who will treat you.

    Private tests can be done through Blue Horizon - thyroid plus 11 This is pin prick test and you should do it fasting and first thing in the morning.

  • Thanks for your help, we have bupa at work so will get in touch.



  • Katturner, have you been diagnosed as hypo? Because you most definitely are. You are hypo when the TSH hits 3, so you certainly are with a recurring TSH of 5.4, going up to 7.5. Has your doctor done any other thyroid tests? TSH isn't actually a thyroid test, it's a pituitary hormone, but doctors use it as a guide (a very bad one) to thyroid status. As your TSH is rising, I think you should have your TPO antibodies tested.

    Having said that, at what time of day were all these tests done? If they weren't done at the same time, then you cannot possibly compare them. TSH is highest in the early morning, and lowers throughout the day.

  • Hi no the most recent two were the 5.4, with 6 months in between. Not sure of the times most recent was mid morning. They don't seem interested so will go through bupa I think. I don't want treatment just for the sake of it just want to feel better. Thanks for your reply. Katherine

  • Yes, well, treatment and feeling better often go hand in hand. lol

    Mid-morning is a little late to catch the TSH at its highest. And, as doctors very often only go be TSH, it would be best to do the test before 9 am.

    Did you fast for any of these tests? Because TSH lowers after eating.

    I think getting private tests would be the best thing you can do. Get all the nutrient tests that bluebug mentions, plus TSH, FT4, FT3 and TPOab. That will give you a pretty good idea what's going on. But it does sound as if you have hypo symptoms.

  • Thanks, no I didn't fast but will do that and early test for next ones. Thanks it's great to speak to people that know their stuff 😉

  • :)

  • Don't go to any old endocrinologist under BUPA, most are as unhelpful as GPs. Ask here for recommendations via PM for sympathetic endos in your area, and be prepared to travel a bit to see a good one.

    You are quite unlucky that your lab's ranges are rather old-fashioned too. The place that does my bloods has a normal TSH range of 0.3 to 5.0. Even then, in reality, most people feel only well with a TSH well under 2!

  • I endorse your comments re Private Medicine. Here in Crete many people I know have medical cover. However when

    I suggest the tests we discuss on the forum - eg B12 etc they say they are not covered.

    So much for preventative medicine 😯 So hope it goes well with katturner ......

  • You are hypo - TSH above range with symptoms. Ask for trial of levo or change GP and try one of the ones on TUK list. What is the point of having a range and then ignoring it.

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