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I'm still not doing that well after my hospital stay. Having a hard time with bg crashing/eating and so on. Last night it was as if my stomach bug returned. My bg went to 250, ketones high again and I was very nauseated/runs with sore stomach after dinner. I managed to get it under control and finally fell asleep in the am. But when I woke up, stomach/bowels were very upset again.

I'm on only soft food and liquids now until I feel better. Bg was better today so far although not in the range I want it in. I seem to be losing more weight too, and I wonder how much of this is not eating enough etc. and the bug. I just start to feel sick to my stomach like I have to go to the bathroom/crampy when I eat solid food, but I can manage some hard boiled eggs, home made jello and yogurt/banana and bone broth.

I feel sick now after eating my last meal it kind of comes and goes in waves. I felt so nauseous when I got up I was ready to take zofran again but I was worried it may make me constipated since that can be one of the side effects. It's a lot better now overall and I made sure I ate 3 15-20 g carb meals today so I wonder if eating more is helping, even though it makes me feel sick on and off as I digest.

I looked at my blood work by my gp np from this week and my eosinophils are still high, they were high in the hospital too. The percentage is 21.1% and the total number is 1034. I wonder if I have an infection still or a parasite or some sort of allergic reaction going on? I did stool testing for parasites/bacteria but those results aren't back yet. Has anyone else had high eosinophils and what was the cause if you figured it out? Did they go back to normal eventually?

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  • 000ggg,

    This link outlines the possible causes of high eosinophils labtestsonline.org/understa...

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  • Thanks clutter, I think your link is the wrong one maybe- it leads back to my question. I have looked at the various causes. The most likely in my case seems to be an infection, parasite or allergy maybe. With all the stomach symptoms I'm guessing a virus, but it's almost like when I went to Cancun and picked something up there, not nearly as bad but worse in that with D it landed me in the hospital. When I went to Cancun a friend's father who was a doctor gave me something to take, an antibiotic as I recall, and my severe cramps started going away not long after. Nothing showed up in testing that time either at a clinic and they didn't do anything.

  • 000ggg,

    This is the link labtestsonline.org/understa...

  • Thanks for this link clutter. I had a full blood count etc in December 2013, that indicates on the results high, but nothing was done. I just accepted the doctor saying they're normal. Ah those were the days!

    Looking at them now I see they indicate anaemia and auto immune conditions. Just what I always suspected. :-)

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