Could heat be a major issue?

Increased my Armour dosage to 60mg. I felt way better for the last three weeks or so. The heat today outside is very bad. This all started for me two years ago on an seriously hot day just like this. While driving to work I almost couldn't make it there. Really shaky, severe disorientation, instant irritability and nervousness. Blurred vision, breathing normal just heart rate high. Thought I was going to pass out driving. Anyone else have this reaction to heat? Am I going to pass out? I could explain all this to my endo and he will just stare at me. I trust you all more.

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You could be having blood sugar issues. If, for whatever reason, you produce a lot of adrenaline, then blood sugar can go very low for a while and what you describe is what can happen. Extreme heat situations can be very stressful on the body.

Could be histamine as well. Hypo/hashi often suffers from histamine build up until optimally medicated.

Btw I react pretty much the same way go extreme heat even though I go to sauna three times a week.

Eat something maybe salty. Eating cools down your body and heat should be easier to tolerate. Works for me. I am very sensitive to small changes. +24 is optimal temperature for me. +26 starts causing issues.

Hello, I am the same with the heat. We used to go abroad anytime except summer- I just felt really unwell otherwise. Think Superman and Kryptonite! I have been using ndt now for 11 weeks and I think I can tolerate it a bit better- I will let you know in a couple of weeks. I did faint a couple of years ago and went to a&e, very low blood sugar. They were not interested when I told the doctor I was not a diabetic. All thyroid tests were normal, so they made me eat 3 digestive biscuits and sent me home! This illness is just so awful! I hope the thyroid petition in the Scottish Parliament helps our cause! I hope you feel better soon xx

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