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Water retention and very painful legs!

Hi I've recently been diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue and have a sluggish thyroid, I am seeing Dr. Peatfield and have been taking Nutri Adrenal Extra & Nutri Thyroid for 4 weeks as well as other supplements and probiotics. I am coeliac and follow a completely grain free, low carbohydrate no sugar diet. For the last 10 days I have been gradually swelling (water retention) it is now so bad my legs are really painful and I can barely stand by the end of the day. Is this an AF or Thyroid symptom? has anyone else experienced this? found anything that has helped? TIA

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I think you should see your GP, but the last three paragraphs of this page may be helpful:


Hi there my legs were swollen and sore for 8 years no matter what I did. But this year they have steadily gone down. I was strictly adhering to gut healing regime (ketogenic and to resolveSIBO and leaky gut) so am not sure if this diet finally worked. In December they were so sore that rest was difficult so I applied my physio training and tried compression with bandaging and TED socks. This together with my monthly aromatherapy massage is all that I did. TED socks are available at sock shop but you need to be disciplined to put them on before rising and rest your legs up during the day, supporting the process with regular ankle movements to aid circulation. Worth a try? My diagnosis is CFS/hypothyroid/adrenal fatigue stage 3 and the bloating of everywhere started within a week of initial diagnosis with me gaining 1.5 stone in a matter of weeks. Ghastly!

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Painful swollen legs, especially over the top of the foot, ankle and shin, are the hallmark of my hypothyroidism. If I have the correct dose of NDT, I don't get them. Before that they were so bad that one knee would pop out of its socket (although I could force it back in) and I could not bend my knee and pull my toes up behind me in a knee stretch, due to the swelling behind my leg. Same thing with my mother, who is also hypothyroid. Thyroxin did not do the job; only NDT. It is known as 'pre-tibial swelling'.


I forgot to say that my legs went down overnight. I.e. swollen one day and not the next, after NDT.


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