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Advice please

Hi everyone,I'm wondering if anyone can help me out, I'm a little confused, I had bloods taken a week ago, my thyroid levels are perfect apparently though been all over the place for 18 years,also raised erythrocyte sedimentation rate, raised liver function and also raised cpr blood result,I'm thinking it's all linked to inflammation either in arteries, blood, bones etc when I discussed with gp over the phone on Friday he said he would repeat bloods this week if still raised would put it down to my thyroid, I'm a little concerned as this could be serious, I've also put on at least a stone in a few weeks, any advice please, It would be much appreciated, I'm at doctors at 1.45 today to get something sorted, thank you in advance x

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Well, you've probably been to the doctor's by now. But you didn't give people much time to reply. :)

I would agree with your doctor, it is all down to the thyroid. Sounds like you're not taking enough levo. It would really help people to help you if you gave more details - like the results of your blood test - doesn't sound like they are perfect to me! Also, what are you taking, and how much.


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