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Grave's and Breastfeeding - Clueless and in need of help please!


I’m new here although have been registered on the site for a few years after suspecting I might have a thyroid issue however it wasn’t diagnosed until earlier this year.

I had a baby in June last year and soon after started experiencing a lot of hyperthyroidism symptoms – rapid weight loss, racing heart/palpitations, always very hot and anxious etc. I’ve also developed psoriasis.

I have now been diagnosed with Grave’s disease and was initially put on PTU as I am still breastfeeding. However, soon after starting the drug I developed a very sore throat and ulcers on my tongue so stopped taking the tablets as advised. I have now been told I’m going to be put on carbimazole which I’m reluctant to take due to the breastfeeding. I was supposed to see the Consultant in August but have today received a letter saying my appointment has been put back until November.

Feeling at a total loss as to what I should do as have been given the scare stories from my GP about not doing anything but am obviously keen not to take any drugs that might affect my daughter. Also feeling really quite unwell so am keen to get better!

My latest results are:

T4 free: 37.3 (down from 44 at last test) (range 12.0 – 22.0)

TSH: 0.02 (range 0.27 – 4.20)

Many thanks in advance for any help or advice anyone can give.

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It's probably safe to breastfeed when taking up to 20mg Carbimazole.


Thanks for getting back to me Clutter, and for the link, it's very useful.


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