Thanks to everyone for their support and answers at least I now know what it all means :) I have felt really tired for months and have struggled working full time in Retail... thinking it was just me getting older (nearly 49) .

Am I entitled to a free perscription ?

Do I have to watch my diet etc and I do like a drink on my night off (Vodka & diet coke) will this all have to end ?

Thanks again

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  • Diet Coke might be making you feel worse - i used to drink it all the time but try and avoid it now

  • You should get free prescriptions if you are diagnosed with thyroid problems ( under or overactive). Are you being treated? Drinking in moderation should be OK, I personally find I don't feel as well after alcohol. As others have said, Diet Coke contains things you might want to avoid.

  • MariLiz,

    Prescription exemptions are for myxoedema (hypothyroidism). Hyperthyroidism is not exempt.

  • Thanks Clutter, I thought any thyroid problem was subject to free prescriptions. Is overactive not considered as dangerous then?

  • MariLiz,

    Not all thyroid diseases are equal! Post-partum hypothyroidism is usually temporary. Hyperthyroidism can be more dangerous than hypothyroidism but is seen as an acute and temporary condition. If hyperthyroidism doesn't go into remission after 12-18 months most patients have a thyroidectomy or radioactive iodine ablatement which makes them hypothyroid.

  • PS to my last comment. If you have antibodies you may be better following a gluten free diet.

  • Claire67,

    Your pharmacist or GP receptionist can provide you with a medical exemption form to complete. Hand it back to reception and ask for the GP to counter sign and send it off. You should receive a medical exemption card in a few weeks. In the meantime, your pharmacist can give you a form and receipts of prescriptions you pay for and you can reclaim the costs when your medex card comes through.

  • Dear Clutter,

    Does the right to medical exemption apply to ALL hypothyroid patients or only to those who take synthetic levothyroxine? Thank you!

    All the best


  • Sorry, I should clarify: are people who self-medicate with ndt or T3 also eligible if they have a diagnosis of hypothyroidism?

  • Kitten1978,

    It's the hypothyroid condition which qualifies patients for medical exemption from prescription costs, not the medication you take for hypothyroidism. If you get a NHS prescription for NDT or T3 they will be exempt from prescription charges.

  • Hi Clutter,

    Am I right thinking that medical exemption certificate qualifies one to have ALL nhs prescriptions free of charge, not just the thyroid medication prescriptions?

  • Kitten1978,

    Yes the exemption is for all NHS prescriptions.

  • So theoretically a person who self-medicates with ndt/T3 (no nhs prescription) but has a diagnosis of hypothyroidism could still apply for the medical exemption certificate (and avoid paying for any other prescriptions)? I'm sorry: I don't mean to be a pain. I just want to make sure that I get this right before I speak to my GP. Thank you for your patience Clutter!

  • Kitten1978,

    If you have a hypothyroid diagnosis you are entitled to free prescriptions whether or not you use Levothyroxine, Liothyronine or NDT. It is the hypothyroid (myxoedema) diagnosis which entitles the exemption not the thyroid medication you take.

    Ask your pharmacist for the exemption form, fill it in and then give it to your GP receptionist for a GP to counter sign and forward for action.

  • Hi Clutter,

    I will!!! Thank you so much!!! I do wonder whether other thyroid patients actually know this.....or I'm the last one to find out (as usual ;)

    Take care

  • Kitten1978,

    I think pharmacists usually advise patients about medex if GP hasn't done so.

    My pharmacist handed me the form to apply for a medex and another form with receipt attached to reclaim the cost of my prescription when I collected my first Liothyronine prescription.

  • Kitten1978,

    If you are eligible but have not yet got your Medex exemption:

    Q. I need some prescriptions now but I do not have a certificate. Do I have to wait until it arrives?

    A. Your certificate will start one month before the date we get your application. You can claim a refund of any charges paid from that date, however, you must ask your pharmacist for an FP57 receipt and refund claim form when you pay. You cannot get one later.

  • Claire67

    As Clutter says you can get your exemption form from the dr. When you card comes through make a note in your diary for the renewal date. The card is valid for 5 years but they don't renew automatically, so its up to you to apply for a continuing exemption, & after 5 years with our condition it's easy to forget 😂

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