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Change of thyroxine

My gastronologist has sent a letter to my doctor recommending that they prescribe a different kind of levothyroxine as the fillers are having adverse effects.

I'm going to ask for the liquid thyroxine with no allergens seen here:

My question is has anyone had success being prescribed this?

Also I have two issues that I'm battling with severe anxiety and no sex drive. Might changing to the liquid version help with this?

Additional info: I am under a endocrinologist however getting an appointment is proving difficult, my follow up for my results and to discuss no sex drive and anxiety issues was cancelled 6 weeks ago (after waiting 2 months) ..and there saying the surgery is full so I need to wait before I can be seen.

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Do you know if you're on enough meds at the moment?


Hi, Ive been taking 50mcg one day and 25mcg the next...for about 2 months. From today increasing to 50mcg daily. Been increasing slowly as with ever increase get palpatations etc.


So you started meds two months ago? And you have no blood test to show how the levo is working yet?

This is a very small dose, even for a starting dose. You may find when you are taking an appropriate amount of meds that the palps and anxiety just go (or they did for me).

When is your next blood test? You may learn more then. Your tsh might be even higher than it was when you were diagnosed (this small dose may leave you with less thyroid hormone in your system), so your symptoms may just get a bit worse before they get better. But it's not a bad idea to increase slowly if you're having side effects. Did they test your folate, ferritin, b12, d etc?

My sex drive has never come back, but maybe your results will be different. That has a lot to do with sex hormones as well as thyroid hormones.


Well I've been taking thyroid meds for 6 plus years but was taking 25mg...I had a test approx 3 months ago but can't get results from consultants as 'surgery packed' . Low b12 supplementing at the moment. Low vitamin D ..not supplementing. Folate and ferritin unsure about.

Has your anxiety gone?? In regards to sex drive i have low testosterone but no solution has been offered.


Blimey. You need to get those results and it sounds like you may need to change doctors. Unless there's a really good reason that seems at best a useless amount of levo.

I tried testosterone and progesterone cream but it didn't help me. Good to try it though, in case it helps.


Yes, anxiety is much better. Not gone but better. I had to cut out caffeine for a while when I was very anxious but no longer. When I've tried to reduce levo it has all come screaming back.


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