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Thanks I did it

Hi, I wanted to write on here and say thanks, although it's not the topic of the forum, my thyroid issues go hand in hand with my low vit b problem... Without here, I'd never have had my Blue Horizon blood test, and I really do wonder would I have been left untreated re the b 12... As I sat on the results for two weeks, purely to see if the GP would call me up about his results (I'd done the tests his and mine at the same time) ... I've since bought vits and know so much more about things... I learn more everyday actually on here... Today though, I went that step further and injected b12... I got so much help from that forum, but I wouldn't have got there without being on here first.... Xx Thank you 😊

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ps if I don't get back to people when they respond it's because I'm getting no notifications on here... 😊


Hi I have a deficiency in both and folate and vit D... 😊 or should that be 😞


Well done scorpiojo,

I know it's scary the first time you inject, my hand and leg was shaking! Now that you've done the first one it will be easier every time. I'm about 7 weeks in and hardly give it a thought now. You'll soon feel the benefits.

I would hate to think what state I would be in without this forum so understand how you feel. I thought I was dying. Good luck with it all. :-)

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so true! I didn't shake I was very matter of fact set the stuff up and got in ok.. But I must have pulled it out a bit quick as I had a drip and tiny bit in syringe lol.. I pushed it out in the needle top and it was a tiny tiny bit... I won't think hesitate doing it again the scratch was no worse than at GPs so I'm impressed with myself even tho I say it myself 😊 πŸ’‰ couldn't of done it without all here...

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