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New results after 12 weeks !

Hell again! I forgot to mention on my previous post that my Ferritin result is higher now

Ferritin =224 ng/ml (15-150) 3 months ago my Ferritin was 190ng/ml it's high also???

I know that ,probably ,my fatty liver is acting out. My last CT showed inlaged liver ,never was before... Any advice or recommendation is helpful!

Thank you,


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Thyroid issues, hair loss and fatty liver disease can all be related to gluten intolerance.

I would recommend you get tested for celiac disease before trying a gluten free diet (you need to be eating gluten for it to show up in test, however you may still have gluten intolerance even if you don't have celiac disease).

As you're supplementing iron you should probably stop for a while to try to get your ferritin back in range. Too much iron can be harmful.


Thank you for reply! I did test for gluten... It's came negative. Regarding iron, I will stop...thank you for directing me ,it's very good advice!

What about my previous post with my blood test results after 12 weeks of trying to decrease RT3 by increasing Cytomel? I need reassurance ,that I am on right direction!

Thank you,



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