Under active thyroid

Hi last week was took into hospital with fsh of 44 and been on 125 of levothroxine for 18 months was took off it for a week doc at hospital has now stopped my levothroxine for 6 weeks till they can get another countil and referred me to a endro but if I get my symptoms back to go back on it at a lower dose but said I might not need it at all as thyroid might have corrected it's seif can this be true as I was put on levothroxine as my tsh was 54 18 months ago I feel great I feel beter off levothroxine then on it he also said I might remain hyper and will need to give me a reverse medication it's all very confusing

Thanks angelina

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  • Do you mean FSH of 44 or TSH of 44? FSH of 44 would just indicate menopause, but TSH of 44 would indicate severe HYPOthyroidism for which you'd need to take levo (or NDT). What you've said doesn't indicate hyper at all. Did you miss something out? Did they do Free T4 and free T3?

  • No my FSH was 44 doc say went overactive now my TSH is at .-1 as has been foe over a year but could not breath and shooting pains in my chest so now been of levothroxine over a week only symptom I have up till now is my voice is very ruff and hoarse again witch I had for years up till I got diagnosed got endro appointment for end of the month so see wot they say

    Thanks amgelina

  • I don't think FSH of 44 would require hospital treatment (my FSH is 69 in a range of 25-135), so it must have been related to suppressed TSH. Did they not give you free T3 and free T4 results? those are the ones you really need to tell if you are overmedicated,as undermedication can cause heart problems, too.

  • They said I was over medicated and it was very dangerous

  • Perhaps you could post a copy of you results, as TSH of 44 is UNDER mediated and FSH of 44 is nothing to do with thyroid - perhaps it was FT4 or FT3 of 44 which could be dangerous and really horrid for you.

    It might be worth getting antibodies tested, as with Hashimotos disease you can swing between hyper and hypo.

  • I love in Scotland they don't give you your results on paper but I will pist what the endro says to me at the end of the month

    TThank angelina

  • Sorry ment to say I Live in Scotland

  • Perhaps it's your T4 that is 44, that would make more sense alongside your low TSH and doc saying your are over medicated.

  • Hi bantam 12 been and seen a endro for the first time and it is my T4 that is 44 so still not back on meds took bloods but she said I am still overactive just buy looking at me she got all my symptoms spot on now am in her hands to go back in 8 weeks to got to doc for bloods in 6 weeks so she has the results buy my next visit but if my symptoms get worse to go to docs and will give me a lower amout of levothyroxin to seer what there going to do with me

    Thanks angelina

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