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Double voice in throat

I have a double voice in my throat since a couple of months now, and I am waiting to see the ENT dept. It doesn't hurt...but I can't help worrying about it. I worry about it being Cancer. Irrational thinking I know, yet it's a constant worry.

Does this double voice, in your opinions, mean my thyroid has to be removed?

Will my voice ever normalise? ( I used to be a solo singer and performer around Europe)

Thanks for any advice 🤔

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Hi StayinAlive,

Struggling with your definition of a double voice. Do you mean sometimes gravelly and other times normal? I can understand you might be sensitive about matters concerning your voice as a singer!

I have recently been for a number of investigations with ENT due to a gravelly voice and was investigated with a camera down the nose and into the throat and esophagus.

They discovered that I had some damage in the esophagus due to hyper-acidity (which I have suffered from for years). They suggested an increase in my Lansoprazole (a PPI).

I still get a gravelly voice but I suppose the damage is done now but dont get acid indigestion any more!

The camera investigation is not painful just a weird sensation as it passes through nasal passage (TBH it tickled!). I was given a spray up the nostril to start with.



Thank you for responding to my worrys David. It's more than a gravelly voice, I sound like the Cookie Monster x2 like two talking out of my throat...I am quite sure this is unbelievable. It is to me too. It's really wierd.

I'm waiting to see the ENT dept. And just received a letter yesterday stating I am on a waiting list, and it's a long who knows when I will be seen?

I'm already on Lanzoprazole for acid reflux, I'm just worried my voice is permenantly changed or that I may have cancer.

Thanks for listening.


Hi StayinAlive,

Cookie Monster x2 sounds interesting! I think mine was x 1 and it comes and goes. I was seen down here in Surrey in a month by ENT

I think if your GP suspected Cancer you would have a much faster appointment - there is a minimum requirement.

Good luck


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Thanks David, you've put my mind at ease 👍😊


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