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New just been diagnosed with over active thyroid

Hi all I'm new here, after weeks of feeling awful I have been diagnosed as having an over active thyroid , I'm on 3 tablets a day I have taken these for 3 weeks and feel no different, my not sleeping has also got worse, please could you tell me your experiences and what I should expect. Also can having it interfere with local and general anaesthetic as the last year I've had a couple of ops and always had a rash and low blood pressure after which they weren't sure what caused the allergic reaction, I'm due another op but I'm told they will not operate until my thyroid is stable. Feeling very low xxxx

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Depending on how high your thyroid levels are, it may take a few more weeks for them to stabilise and be within range.

As for your operation, now that they know you're hyperthyroid, they won't operate until your T4/T3 levels are brought down by your medication and are in range. It's for your own benefit really. There is a risk of thyroid storm if you have a general anaesthetic when you are hyperthyroid.


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