Can I take my first T3 dose now?

T3 just arrived in the post from Greece. (11.18 a.m.)Am all set to take the 1/4 ,6.5 mcg dose once a day for a week etc... Do I have to wait till tomorrow morning to take the first dose with my levo - usually roundabout 6 a.m. or can I take it now? Had breakfast at 8.30 followed by Bvits and a dose of vit c. Just eaten a banana. Not feeling very patient, but will be good if necessary, and wait.

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  • You should always take any thyroid hormone, one hour before eating or drinking anything other than water, or two hours after. Supplements like B vits should be two hours away, and things like iron and calcium four hours away. Magnesium six hours away. But, you could take it tonight, two hours after dinner.

  • Thanks, Greygoose.

  • Scazzoh,

    Take it anytime you like as long as you take it away from food etc.

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