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Can I take my first T3 dose now?

T3 just arrived in the post from Greece. (11.18 a.m.)Am all set to take the 1/4 ,6.5 mcg dose once a day for a week etc... Do I have to wait till tomorrow morning to take the first dose with my levo - usually roundabout 6 a.m. or can I take it now? Had breakfast at 8.30 followed by Bvits and a dose of vit c. Just eaten a banana. Not feeling very patient, but will be good if necessary, and wait.

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You should always take any thyroid hormone, one hour before eating or drinking anything other than water, or two hours after. Supplements like B vits should be two hours away, and things like iron and calcium four hours away. Magnesium six hours away. But, you could take it tonight, two hours after dinner.


Thanks, Greygoose.

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Take it anytime you like as long as you take it away from food etc.


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