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Hi my name is Carla. I have never in my life sweated or get hot at the drop of a hat. I can't stand the heat. Cold weather is my friend. I have gone to doctors about it they say Im prob going through the change. Sweat pops up and runs off of me and At times I feel like it's hard to breath and I also get a little nauseous. Anyone out there know how I'm feeling? My thyroid numbers came back on the lower side of normal. But doctors say it's fine.

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Hi Carla,

Horrid isn't it. Sounds like the menopause if you're the right age.

Avoid coffee, alcohol, chilli, chocolate as all can stimulate hot flushes. I now drink herbal teas which has helped.

Healthspan.Co.uk have sage tablets

Sage in a pure form helps with flushes. You can also make sage tea.



If you could post your blood test results - with ranges - it will make it easier for people to help you. Anything else is just guess work. And your doctor's idea of 'fine' is probably not yours!


I'm 68 years old and gone through the menopause. Worst hot flashes and night sweats all day and night long. It was terrible. I was still just recently having them until I was tested for thyroid issues. I have just been on levo. since May 13th and the flahses are GONE...totally GONE! I couldn't believe it! I've suffered with them for years and years and years. My doctor put me on an antidepressant, because they will stop the flashes dead in their tracks, but I didnt' like taking them. Anyway, you might want to have your doctor re-test the thyroid. Have the test done as early in the morning as possible and DO NOT eat anything. This will give you the most accurate reading. Good luck!


Have you changed your brand of levo or dosage change? I boil alive too especially in the evening and I'm certain it's the levo as I never had it before

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