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Thyro3 25ug (alpha pharm) - anyone seen any benefits after taking it?

Hi everyone,

I've just ordered the abovementioned t3 as my body is not taking to Triyotex well. My side affects are major hair loss, heart palpitations and increased brain fog. I think it may be due to the amount that I am taking, 37.5ug, as it might be high but it is hard to portion out a 75ug capsule into 2 equal lots or more. I am self prescribing as my Endo and GP are completely useless even when it is obvious from my bloods that I have a conversion issue from t4 -->t3.


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Have you had thyroid tests to check levels since you've been self-medicating. I had hairloss when undermedicated but it came out in clumps when I was overmedicated with FT3 above range and stopped shedding when FT3 was back within range.

Thyro3 isn't widely used by members who tend to use Tiromel or Uni-Pharma. There are some posts about Thyro3 in


Hi Clutter,

Thank you for your response. This is the start of my journey and now I wished I had stumbled across this forum earlier!


I obviously didn't research it well enough - a bit hard these days when juggling two monkeys under 4...... But if you could please suggest a/some brands that you believe work that would be great.


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