Is There A Link to Facial Hair And Hypothryoidism

I have always had a hormonal imbalance, pretty obvious from when I was a teenager too much acne which incidentally still occurs in my late 50's and menorrhagia. During my second pregnancy I developed facial hair and although the pill Dianette stopped it I couldn't continue with it because of the side effects.

What I would really like to know is there a link between the two because I am totally fed up with it!

Wishing you all good health.

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  • It's much more likely that you are making excess androgens (male hormone) from the adrenals. I'd look up "hirsutism" where you'll find suitable drugs to counteract it. I'd go to the GP to push things a bit further if what you find chimes in with your experiences.

  • I have had the same problem for years (diagnosed with hypo 16 years ago). My hormone doctor prescribed a cream called Vaniqa (prescription only) which is to be applied on and under your chin twice daily. I have not been using it long enough to see any results...but it seems you need to use it consistently for a rather long time before you can expect to. It's supposed to slow facial hair growth down. I have the same problems with my eyebrows which I need to pluck several times a week but, unfortunately, no cream seems intended to be applied there...too close to the eyes, maybe...:-(

  • I have been using Vaniqa for years now and I don't know why I am bothering :( - hasn't made any discernible difference!

    Now my eyebrows on the other hand, that is an entirely different matter. If only the unwanted hair could migrate there!!

  • Do you have PCOS?

  • No I don't that was ruled out about 25 years ago.

  • Hi I've only just seen this post - sorry. Yes I , my sisters and all my cousins have facial hair. In my case I'm very lucky because I'm blond so my hair doesn't show as much as yours might unless it catches the sunlight. I hate it with a vengeance and I shave everyday so many people may not know how bad it is with me. I'd have no trouble growing a full beard if I wanted to.

    Re being hypothyroid and facial hair - I've assumed that they are linked because I had electrolysis for a while and the practioner asked me if I had thyroid problems as said they often go together. Then again my sisters and my mum didn't have hypothyroidism and have beards if they don't shave regularly. I've never mentioned it to anyone apart from my husband. X

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