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Painless Swelling

Hello all.

Tomorrow will be my 5th day off of block and replace. I have been having that 'strangly' feeling since just before I came off of meds (experience it periodically) but today I have noticed a definite swelling at my gland, not like a goitre and not painful to touch, just uncomfortable.

I don't remember having the visible swelling before along with the feeling but perhaps I just didn't check because I wasn't so 'on guard' before!

Is this reason to make an appointment?

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If it gets worse throughout the day then certainly book an appmt. Better to get it checked out than not. However I can remember my neck feeling thick for a day or so but then it passes. Like you I was 'on it' there's something about Graves' disease that makes us super aware. I stopped my b&r last October. I can't say Nov and Dec were fun as I experienced may different symptoms of what felt like adrenalin rushes and a bit panicky. But by Feb was feeling better despite my remission failing in April. Every month I could see my bloods heading back to over active. Now back on titration method and feeling vastly better. Good luck. Alex

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Hi Alex, I'm sorry you ended up not feeling great again.

Weirdly, I have Hashimoto's and not Graves, but have been treated for the hyper stage of Hashi's because I was so overactive when diagnosed.

I don't really know which way I'll go now if I relapse. I've been feeling a lot of odd things too, haven't felt great to be honest! I went to bed last night thinking, well it's a good thing I haven't had any night sweats... Lo and behold at about 4am!

I have made an appointment for tomorrow regardless.

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Hi Alex - I'm not sure what a B & R is. But for me when under dosed on NDT I get a uncomfortable niggly pain in my thryroid, like I have a throat infection and my glands are up. Sort of hurts to swallow, usually one sided.

I cant tolerate Synth or NDT a great deal so I'm always trimming my dose down. I use the pain in the thyroid and any body temp under 36deg C as my guide to trim my dose up. When I get brain fog, head ache or temp above 37deg C, I begin to ease off the NDT. I'm doing this every day through the day. I put all my daily NDT dose in a drink bottle and add a liter of water and sip it through the day. I trim by having a little more or less each hour. I'd love to know what your temp is when you get the niggle thyroid pains. My pet theory is my Pituitary Gland is cracking the whip on whats left of my Thyroid Gland. It in turn is hurting because it's buggered.




Hi J. B&R is just short for Block & Replace (a regimen used to treat some overactive patients).

I've been tracking my temp over the past 5 days when I have had this discomfort at my gland and it's been between 36.6 - 37.1 degrees, pretty normal for me.


does the uncomfortable feeling come and go - one day you notice it and then maybe nothing for a few days


Yes, definitely comes and goes. It's not bad at all this afternoon, odd!


Interesting isn't it. Last week my thyroid was really tender. I have recently had a Ultrasound so I know there is nothing serious there.

I actually overdosed (get head ache from pooling T4 component) on NDT trying to respond to the tender thyroid - I added 50% and then 100% extra NDT as I felt "Pituitary Gland is cracking the whip on whats left of my Thyroid Gland".

So I've changed my pet theory this week.

Low NDT = Temp low, mentally feel good, clear head.

Medium NDT = Good Temp (36-37deg C), clear head, mild head ache for a few minutes after taking NDT. Random Thyroid pains.

High NDT = Temp too high or too low, constant thyroid pain, constant head ache.


My throat seemed to swell about 7 days post surgery too. Also my neck was numb initially. But around the same time I developed soreness in the wound area. It passed after a day or 2. But swelling stayed. I'm now 4 weeks post op. Swelling has reduced by about two thirds and soreness/pain is only occasionally. Did you overdo things day before swelling started. If so ease back a little. Do gentle neck exercises and if you can massage the wound area. It's scary when it happens. But it's common enough.


Hi Lolasmom and thanks for your reply!

I haven't had surgery but came off of my medication to try for remission; seems to have eased off now mind you.

Looking back I think I have had this before when I have been over stressed or over done it a bit. It makes sense that it would inflame when you're feeling anxious!

I wish you the best of health post op!

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