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Mold or Hashimoto's?

Ok so I went and spoke to my Endo about my insane anxiety/panic attacks I have been having lately, I have been diagnosed with hashimotos for over the last 3 years with the inability to level out even with diet and supplements, I am gluten free and watch my inflammatory triggers, plus I think I was miss diagnosed for myasthenia gravis. The attacks only happen at my home at night, I went on vacation and I was fine the whole time.. I looked up black mold symptoms and noticed my hives, anxiety, depression, insomnia, neuromuscular issues and even hair loss are side effects of mold... So I have a doctors appointment tomorrow for my anxiety... I know they will probably prescribe some kind of anti-anxiety meds which I am not against if it means I can live my life again.. But if anyone has had a similar situation or know of a good solution to my anxiety or how to test for mold.. Please let me know

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Hi-I just wanted to say that I have experienced morning anxiety all my life.I was on thyroxine for Hashi's for 18 yrs until August last year,when I switched to T3-only.Also,I lived in a very damp valley in mid wales,where there was a lot of asthma & hayfever.I now live in a very bracing climate very near the sea.My anxiety levels have dropped,but its hard to say exactly what helps.I believe T3-only has reduced my anxiety as well as the move.It seems to calm my whole system down.I sleep better.I have very few,very short episodes of tachycardia now,too.I also started taking LDN at the same time & went GF.Both reduce systemic inflammation,I understand.

I believe my anxiety got worse,long-term,on thyroxine,though it didn't cause it.Are you on thyroxine?

Prior to going on to T3 only,I tried many supplements that say they help reduce anxiety.5HTP made me worse.I think L theanine helped.

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Interesting. Do you think if you kept a diary it might help track down an environmental cause? You could see if the panic is less often on dry nights after a sunny day with the window open. Could try sleeping in a different room in case it links to fumes from a new mattress, or mould in an old mattress.

My brother's leukaemia white cell count went down when he moved house to a different area. I suspect the newer house hadn't been exposed tto the now banned insecticide sprays used on the old house. But it might have been something else.


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