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Cortisol test results


these are my 24 hour saliva cortisol results. Overall they seem normal, but the second test of the day is high. I've googled but can't find another profile like this that doesn't track the general pattern of starting the day high then lowering until night time. Generally profiles all seem to be the same shape, even if way too high or low. What could it mean? Is it worth taking DHEA or Nurti Adrenal Extra or is it just one of those things?

One reason could be that due to fatigue, I had to get up specially to do the 6-8am sample. Normally I'd get up around 1pm, which is the time of the second test, so maybe that higher reading is when my body clock thinks it's the start of the day?

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I think cortisol levels fluctuate according to circadian rhythms so it shouldn't affect results if you rise earlier than normal to do the test.

I can help with what to do about the raised cortisol level. I think Nutri Adrenal Extra is for low cortisol so may not be suitable. Feel free to repost your question.

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Many thanks Clutter. The results look pretty OK to me, but it's still a bit confusing.


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