Confirmed acid reflux

Hi I had a panendoscopy yesterday to see why I have problems swallowing and I am still feeling the after effects of the general anaesthetic and tramadol (for the sore throat). Anyway, my ENT has found a few things from the panendoscopy.

* There is confirmed acid reflux

* He has said the bottom of my oesophagus (the ring part) has narrowed and gotten tight

* He has said as well my cricopharyngeal muscle has "hypertrophied" (?)

I have a confirmed goitre and Hashimoto's.

So the ENT consultant has asked my doctor to prescribe me lansoprazole and to put me on twice the normal dose to being my difficulty swallowing/reflux under control.

My question is, has anyone here had similar findings reported to them and if they have gone to a gastroenterologist? My ENT consultant wants my doctor to refer me to gastroenterology but I am not sure whether to do this now given my ongoing digestive symptoms or wait for the lansoprazole to work. Any ideas please?

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    PPI's prevent good absorption - especially B12. Did your GP tell you it is an 8 week course ?

  • Hi Marz, I have been given a month's course of lansoprazole.

  • Oh dear :-( Let's hope it is only a month. Many people find it hard to come off it ....

  • You may find that if you have narrowing of the lower oesophagus,the PPI medication is used for long term relief not just the short term.they can stretch and open the sphinter a little to also help with the problem but even so long term PPI is usually taken to keep the reflux at bay.yes they can cause b12 and magnesium depletion also bone thinning over time.its not a given but it's worth bareing in mind that those things are good to check periodically just in case a problem starts. If they work for you though,they do a really good job!

  • That's all good and well, BUT... did they find out if you had high acid or low acid? Because the symptoms are the same. But, if your acid is low, the PPI will make it worse, not better. There are other things you can do for low acid.

  • Hi greygoose, the ENT consultant just said there was "a little acid" in the oesophagus which could mean either thing by the sounds of it.

  • It could indeed. Have a search on-line for the bicarbonate test. That will tell you if you have low or high acid. But, I'm afraid I can't remember the détails off hand.

  • Hi grey goose what things can you do for low acid.ive just had gastroscope and they told me ive got gastritis im having feeling of acid in throat just before I eat.ive avoided greasy acidic foods. Any suggestions for improvements pls ?

  • You could try drinking apple cider vinager in fruit juice, just before a meal. Or if you prefer a pill, get some Betaine/HCL.

  • Hi there what I don't understand is why if hashimotos sufferers have low acid and gastritis do we have a symptom of acidic stomach.Will adding more acid make it worse ?

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