The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology - June 2016 - Iodine Deficiency in the UK: grabbing the low hanging fruit

In this era of global obesity and diabetes epidemics, simple solutions to public health problems seem almost inconceivable. And if such an easily solved issue were to arise, it might be expected that politicians and public health authorities would jump at the chance to respond, claim victory, and improve the health of the population.

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Thank you for posting. Guess this would also have an impact on thyroid function - but not mentioned. Maybe for another Meeting :-)

Hello Marz, yes I thought so as well. I've just decided to do a halide test to check my Iodine levels. I actually was taken aback when I read the ingredient list on Himalayan Salt includes Bromine!

Thankfully I've been soaking in Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) and use Magnesium oil transdermally I'm now trying to figure out a way to balance my Potassium levels transdermally as well.

What are your thoughts on the controversial issue of using Lugol's or Nascent Iodine supplementation when there is a diagnosis of Hashimoto's?

Iodine can trigger or worsen Hashimoto's, especially where there is also a selenium deficiency, so it should only be supplemented under medical supervision and when there is a known deficiency.

My daughter's iodine level is very low (private test) so she is taking it now after a month of supplementing 200mcg selenium. As far as we know she doesn't have Hashimoto's.

Hello Naomi8, I've been using CoQ10 and selenium to bring my thyroid auto-antibodies down and recent blood tests have verified that this along with getting my CRP down as well. The auto-immune Paleo regime is working. Hurrah!

I am very cautious supplementing Iodine with Hashimoto's as it can cause a flare up. However I believe selenium and iodine balance each other and I have painted nascent iodine onto my skin and I eat seafood.

For me it's one of the final pieces in the jigsaw so I believe it is prudent to test both beforehand. I've done a Genova Nutrient and Toxic Elements profile which identifies amongst other things selenium levels and I've just decided to check my halide including iodine levels as soon as possible.

I reckon that being on T4 monotheraphy for 28+years left me unknowingly acutely hypothyroid meaning that the conversion to T3 wasn't happening and iodine wasn't able to get inside every cell to detoxify. This was due to a DIO2 polymorphism and high cortisol which blocks this conversion as well! High cortisol also means high aldosterone which causes potassium wastage.

I hope this helps you on the road back to great health!

Best Wishes


Can you tell me what does of CoQ10 you take? There seem to be a wide range of doses available. Have you noticed any effects, either positive or negative? Thanks.

Hi Mournadventurer,thanks for responding.I am always impressed by your good brain!

I was on T4 monotherapy for 18 years & with the same results as you,certainly latterly.I ended up with a 2 year hypo depression with acute anxiety due to cortisol issues followed by a chronic fatigue state for 2 years,on top of many hypo symptoms like hairloss,weight gain.When the GP with endo put me on a combo for conversion issues,I went on to self-medicate for 8 months on Paul Robinson's circadian T3-only method to heal my adrenals & started to really improve.I then went on LDN & also GF,after researching inflammation etc.

I take selenium,zinc,magnesium,Bs,folate,D3,iron,C,pro & prebiotics etc.I read with interest your mention of auto-immune paleo & CQ10.

Presently I am keeping my early morning T3 dose & taking NDT in the night to get some T4 back into the mix.So far,so good.

Sounds like you have found a really good functional medicine practitioner.

best wishes

Thanks Naomi8 I appreciate your response at least I'm gradually beginning to regain my cognitive function and focus. If I can help even one person to not to experience what I've been through it makes it all worthwhile :)

This is primarily due to the Great Plains Organic Acid-Nutritional and Metabolic Profile test where I discovered key intestinal microbial overgrowth - this overgrowth block neurotransmitters in the brain.

This is very individualised as some parasites and bacterial species create havoc and need specific targeted supplements and pacing to eradicate as they go through different life cycles inside and outside of the gut.

The journey continues...

Best Wishes Naomi8


Hello Josiesmum,

we're all biochemically unique...and I am on a combination of T4 and T3.

I'm currently taking Mitochondrial NRG a Designs for Health product under the supervision of a functional nutritionist. 2 capsules 3 times daily giving 600mg of CoQ10 daily along with other minerals and vitamins.

My energy levels have improved enormously and thankfully my heart has settled into a steady rhythm. I can't truthfully say if it has only been this product as I'm detoxing and supplementing other minerals and vitamins along with pre and pro-biotics. You need to do your own due diligent research as to whether this might be beneficial for you.

Best Wishes


If you have a look at the SACN statement, the conclusions of which the author is criticising, it explains the link between iodine and thyroid. Table 2 near the end states that iodine deficiency may cause goitre and also hypothyroidism in adults, and also iodine-induced hyperthyroidism. Not sure how contradictory this is. According to the article, when iodine was introduced in Denmark there was an increased incidence of hypothyroidism.

Hi AmandaK,

I totally agree Iodine supplementation is controversial and contradictory.

We require and deserve a personalised biochemical approach from our health system.

That's why I've decided to test and not guess my Halide (including Iodine) status as Iodine is so easily displaced by the other common Halides.

Best Wishes in your journey back to Good Health,



Hello Greygoose for some strange reason I can't see your query to this post so hopefully you'll pick it up again here? Here is my response to Josiesmum

"I'm currently taking Mitochondrial NRG a Designs for Health product under the supervision of a functional nutritionist. 2 capsules 3 times daily giving 600mg of CoQ10 daily along with other minerals and vitamins".

My whole blood cell selenium levels are 0.23 in a 95% reference range 0.13-0.32 on 27/4/2016. Genova Nutrients and Toxic Elements Profile.

I've just decided to do a Halides loading test - hopefully next week.

Anti-thyroid Peroxidase Reference Range <34:



23/2/2016.....Started auto-immune Paleo elimination diet protocol along with supplements to Remove unwanted passengers, Replacing minerals and vitamins identified in biochemical and genetic testing, Reinoculating with pre and probiotics and Repairing my gut wall.

22/4/2016.....14 :)

Acutely ill at end of 2014 managed to supplement and feel a little better, then thank goodness I discovered ThyroidUK and HealthUnlocked by Easter 2014 and realised I was seriously hypothyroid despite being 28 years on T4 monotheraphy and had challenging bradycardia.

I managed to lose 21lbs of excess weight before the Endocrinologist prescribed T3 31/7/2015.

Started working with a Functional Nutritionist since 25/2/2016 and I've lost a further 29lbs in weight as of yesterday just within the correct weight for my height and my moon face has disappeared :).

The journey continues...

Best Wishes and Thank You greygoose for your support, guidance and humour, you've lifted me up on some very dark days.


Thank you, I read that after I'd asked the question, so I deleted it to save you the trouble of answering again. :)

If you can't find a post, it's because the person has deleted it.

Thanks Greygoose I've learnt something new :)

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