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Subclinical hyperthyroidism, with symptoms

My tsh is currently 0.02, has been dropping for the last three tests over 9 months. 0.43, 0.04, now 0.02. My t4 and t3 are within normal range, but rising slowly. I have a large (benign) 6cm solitary nodule on the left side of my thyroid. I am experiencing palpiations, rapid pulse (often around 120 at rest, my usual is 65-70), shakiness, etc but my doctor refuses to refer me or treat me. she says  since my t4 and t3 are fine, it's nothing to worry about and not at all related to my nodule. I saw an ENT for the nodule, but he refuses to treat it or refer me for the tsh, he says that it's only mildly low, and would only be a worry if it rises!!! I'm at a loss, having exhausted every avenue on the NHS, and can hardly afford private. But the fast heart rates, palpiations and shakiness is worrying me. What do I do?

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Are you taking t4 or t3, have you tried reducing your dose at all? I had same symptoms last year and reduced my levo by 25 MCG. The palpitations anf jitters are all signs of too much thyroid hormones. Maybe try reducing your dose and see if your symptoms settle down. It might take a couple of weeks. As for the nodule, I have no suggestions about that sorry. 


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