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On Friday I miscarried after 12 weeks of pregnancy. I hadn't even had my scan yet. I was told by my doctor that I should be under a joint consultancy but that appointment (including first scan) was made by my midwife  for when I would be 13 weeks pregnant. I feel like it was all too late. 

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oh I'm so sorry xx

my hypo thyroid daughter miscarried with her first, so I have an idea of what you are going through.

There is no proof of course that it would have ended any differently with better thyroid care....that's what we hung on to.

BUT we took control of thyroid med increase with next pregnanacy ( and before) and I now have a fabulous grandaghter. It will come right for you..lots of love to you. stay strong.xxx

Please find a friend as an advocate who can spend a day or two googling the proper care guidelines that should be followed for anyone hypo thyroid and pregnancy and then make sure you get it!

lots of love


hbkaneonite in reply to juliat

Thanks x just feeling a bit down at the moment. It was my first baby and at 37 I feel like I don't have much time left to conceive 

juliat in reply to hbkaneonite

37 is the new 27!

I've got niece who's just had her second and shes 40


Hidden in reply to hbkaneonite

Had mine at 40 and 43. Don't believe what the fertility drs claim... 

bluebug in reply to hbkaneonite

A woman's fertility is individual to her the fact that you can conceive at 37 is a good sign. 

I have a sister and friends who couldn't conceive in their 20s and early 30s even with help,  but sisters, friends and a mother who had no problems in their 40s. 

The thing the doctors are worried about is women over 35 tend to have more complications.  So they have to monitor you closely for the first pregnancy or if there is a large gap between your kids.  If you have another within 4 years you will basically be ignored if the first pregnancy was fine.

I was on clomifene to help me get pregnant so I will need to start from scratch and get referred again by my gp. The doctor at the hospital pretty much said that at my age I should try again as soon as possible. I felt so old at that point 

I had my first at 34 second at 43. Second I used clomiphene. Consultant left me in tears and told me it was a waste of time. Glad to prove him wrong. You've got lots of time. Be strong. Ignore them.xx

dear hbkaneonite

..... I'm so very sorry to hear your sad news ... I hope you are surrounded by loving family and friends who help you to come to terms with your loss Luvvie.

You are young and you will hopefully and soon get pregnant again .. take good care of yourself and rest often , eat well and try to be happy again...  don't stay sad 🌻

I wish you love , love and more love 🌹X 

I'm so sorry!

Use this time to heal.  If you have Hashi's you can put it into remission.  I a reading Isabella Wentz and Mark Hyman MD for just this.  Its about healing and food.

Thank you everyone for your kind messages. I think next time I will push them more to make sure my thyroid levels are tested during pregnancy. In the entire 12 weeks my levels were not tested once. My doctor and midwife had both said they didn't know much about my hypothyroidism 

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