Does your temperature vary much between mouth and armpit?

I just did some testing with two different thermometer as I have recently had very low reading thinking maybe the thermometer is broken.

Had A in mouth and B in the armpit. Mouth 0.1 C lower.  Waited a bit before swapping and got same result.  So both thermometers are working I guess and the reading is very consistent and not varying a lot for me. 

Did not drink or eat before testing.  I guess I can trust the temp taken from armpit in the future too as I hate taking it from mouth.  Just annoying. 

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A variation in temperature between different parts of the body is normal :

I ofter see oral temp recommended and was wondering if for some it varies big time. 

I have always thought orally it's higher and correct , but that article says orally it's lower.  Me confused :(

Me confused too. :D I've always used oral temperature, for no other reason than it was what my parents did,  I find it quickest and most convenient, and after all this time it has the added virtue of consistency.

It wasn't until I had babies that I had to worry about armpit/rectal/oral modes of taking temps but I remember my family doctor telling me that rectal would be a degree higher than by mouth and armpit would be a degree less than by mouth.  I am sure this was probably just a 'rule of thumb' but it served me well. 

Would that have been degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit?

Fahrenheit I could believe, but not Celsius.

That would have been Fahrenheit, humanbean.

If you want to check for hypo this is how to do it:-

Thanks! Been taking my temp for years and been around 35.5 for long time,  was not sure if I did it wrong as some say to do it orally.  

Now I am going to actually record my temps with proper chart periods added as before periods my temps are slightly higher.

If we've been hypo for a long time temp may not come back to 'normal' but we feel warm instead of cold.

In my nurse training I learned that in the rectum the real temperature shows. Under the tounge the the temp is 0.2 degrees lower (Celcius) and in the armpit it is 0.5 degrees lower. 

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