Independent' pharmacist's letter edited by Boots senior execs

Further to some recent posting about Boots (Alliance Boots, Boots the Chemists, etc.), today's story in The Guardian:

 Independent' pharmacist's letter edited by Boots senior execs

Letter takes issue with Guardian investigation but was changed by vice-president at Walgreens Boots Alliance

Boots stands accused of “trying to deceive the public”, after a letter sent to the Guardian purporting to be from an independent pharmacist was found to have been processed and extensively revised by the retailer’s senior executives.

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This is disgraceful. I have no words.

My husband used to work for Boots as an IT contractor and he always said they were awful to work with. A friend who runs a pharmacy also doesn't have a good word to say about them.

This does not surprise me.

My daughter worked for Boots for about six weeks before walking out.She said she would not trust the Boots own brand pharma products, having raised concerns about one product with contents that would be unstable before the use by date.

Which prduct was this? I have Teva brand is this ok?

I am more concerned about a pharmacist who cannot spell. There are many medications with similar but not the same spelling nonetheless, different ingredients and ways of working on the body. Medication errors can be lethal.

Also, I missed this the other day:

Less obvious profiteering by Boots is instruction of their pharmacists on private prescriptions. I wrote one for a week’s amoxicillin, knowing it to be cheaper than the NHS cost of £8.40, and went to collect it for a patient. I was astonished to be told that all such items now cost the NHS price or higher. I went to Sainsbury’s pharmacy and found it for £4.45, which included the £2-plus dispensing fee.

JK Cruickshank

Professor of cardiovascular medicine and diabetes; Hon consultant physician, St Thomas’ & Guy’s hospitals, King’s College and King’s Health Partners, London

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This is what happens when you have companies dealing with the nation's health. Am disgusted by Boots actions. Greed underpins all of this....

We can look forward to more of this with the ongoing privatisation of our state systems in health, education and welfare -oh joy. 😒  Eventually it will be discovered that our state systems were better value for money then privatisation but by then it will be too late! 

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