Boots boots, sorry, parts company from Simon Roberts

After the recent stories (some posted here), a head rolls.

Boots UK boss Simon Roberts quits

Departure of president follows Guardian report that staff were allegedly pressured to milk NHS scheme

Boots has parted company with the boss of its UK operation weeks after a Guardian investigation revealed concerns about its business practices.

The pharmacy chain’s US parent company, Walgreens Boots Alliance, said Simon Roberts would be leaving in July “to pursue new opportunities”. He has been with the company for 13 years, the last three as president of Boots.

A recent investigation by the Guardian revealed managers were directing their pharmacists to provide medicine-use reviews (MUR) to customers who did not need them, in order to claim public money from the NHS.

The NHS pays £28 for each MUR, which is carried out by a pharmacist and intended to give patients professional advice on health, diet and how to manage their medicines.

The company’s pharmacists also alleged that a drive to cut costs was endangering patients and putting the pharmacists themselves under unreasonable pressure – in some cases affecting their own health.

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  • The tree has certainly been shaken.

  • Have copied your Post to Billy Helvella. The journalists are doing a great job with this story. I did say watch and wait when Billy exposed scandal, there will be more to follow. Good job.

  • Has Billy signed up here? :-) :-) :-)

  • Billy said he had tried to get some info off our forum, don't know where he was but said there was little info etc. So I explained how to register. Helvella maybe you might like to contact the Guardian journalist or I will. This is journalism at its very best huh. Not just for T3. The NHS is being ripped off big time. I can't remember the terminology. When a pharmaceutical was no longer turning an adequate profit and the Pharma company wanted to stop manufacture if it was a "required" drug the government would "subsidise" the company to keep manufacturing. It was sort of "compassionate" manufacture. No different than current contract manufacturing but keeping middle man out of the equation.

  • Tut tut - who'd have thought our good old boots chemist would turn rogue on us. Trust no one in this Greedy, profit lead bad mad World.

  • Hi Butterfly65,

    tut tut is right, Trust has to be earned. The only person I trust fully is myself. Sad but true. Life's experiences teach us that.

    Apparently the Chinese Nation take every Crisis as an opportunity. They learn from it.

    Trust ourselves methinks.

    J 👍

  • My goodness - I don't trust me! :-)

  • Ah helvella,

    U jesting with me. 😘

  • Of course he is. helvella is a fun guy :) (fungi)

  • That's why I blew him a kiss P, Toothless I know but a kiss nevertheless.

    J x

  • That made me me laugh x

  • Long gone nice Boots now part of corporate US.Daughter lasted six weeks .Told her boss that an ingredient in a Boots product would be unstable before the use by date and was called to a disciplinary hearing.She left before it happened .

  • I miss the little independent corner shops, butchers, green grociers, cafes etc, everything corporate & every town looks the same with chain stores & restaurants..bland & boring.

  • Thzt'll be why they chzrged so much for my NDT then!

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