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Found my post thanks to humanbean

My brother lives in Devon and he was on t3 for about 5 years then 2 years ago his dr reduced his t3 and added in some t4. Six months later he stopped all t3 and increased the t4 never gave an explanation and effectively got my brother off t3 without him even questioning it. Bro was initially put on t3 due to migraines and diarrhoea on t4. But they are basically under medicating him on t4 to keep him symptom free. So that they no longer need to perscribe him t3. That is criminal in my eyes. I am so scared for my brother health but he just puts his exhaustion on working long hours. And to be honest until I joined this forum I never questioned my GP advice I never got blood printed if they told me my bloods were fine I never questioned it, I don't think bro has had his levels checked in 18 months definitely not since being on Levo only....... It is a pure disgrace it really is..

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You are not alone P in taking everything your GP said as Gospel.

 I was the same until they missed B12 def and allowed me to become so so ill. I don't think I will ever be able to forgive them. 

Only for this forum and PAS I would have thrown in the towel.

My older siblings are still 'afraid' to ask for results. BUT, the good thing is, Times, they are a changing.



Yeah ...... your not wrong there, why don't they know if we are hypothyroid it increases our risk of getting other associated diseases. My b12 deficiency wasn't caught until I had a stroke! Even then it was only because I agreed to go into a reseach drug trail. An they took about a million vials of blood and tested for just about everything, so I had megaloblastic aenimia and b12 deficiency, even then when I got out of hospital I had a phone consultation with my GP ( he didn't feel it necessary to see me ) that was my first shocker! then when I mentioned the aenemia and b12 he said it was rubbish!! 6 weeks later he did an eye exam over the phone and said I was safe to drive! Asked me if my peripheral  vision was ok and I said well I think so I'm not really sure, OK start driving!!! It was another 6 weeks before I actually drove as I didn't feel safe. Then we moved to Somerset and new GP surgery did bloods and picked up the aenemia, Bingo my lightbulb went on and I remembered the conversation I had with DR W and got them to do a b12 and a week later started my loading doses. I believe the low b12 was what caused me to lose 5 pregnancies and my subsequent breakdown.  after after my third loss they did some investigations but never tested b12? 


Oh my Goodness P you have been through the mill. It is a disgrace.  A Relate counsellor once said to me.... " Jose651, you have been through thick and thin, and thin and thin. That about sums a lot of us up don't you think? 

You have a great sense of humour, and it helps.



I think without humour I would have just lost the plot!! Some might argue that I already have!!!


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