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I am posting on here to see if any of you lovely people can help me.  The problem is as follows:

I have PA and have lots of symptoms associated with this, I also have hyperparathyroidism and am waiting for an operation to remove the problem gland/s in August.   A blood test in May last year showed my TSH level at 2.12 miu/L (0.35-4.5), and I have been told by my GPs that my thyroid is normal.  Many of the symptoms of PA , hyperparathyroidism and underactive thyroid are the same and I am getting nowhere with my doctor, who also thinks that I don't have PA!!! until he saw my latest blood tests and has been very quiet on that front.

Can anyone give me some advice to my blood test result?

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I found a post of yours on the PA site and see you've been having B12 injections for 11 years! Your doctor is clearly a numpty of the highest order!

TSH is such a blunt instrument of a thyroid test - it really doesn't give the true picture. It could be that your pituitary is flogging your thyroid gland to make more T4 in order to compensate (at least in part) for a lack of B12 - how often do you have your injections? Or it could be that your thyroid really is starting to fail. Has your doctor ever tested FT4 and FT3? (I'm guessing no, and that he'd probably resist). There's always the option of getting private blood tests done - these days you can actually do them at home using a finger prick to fill a tiny vial with blood, which you then send to the lab (perfectly accurate). At least then you'd know what the true picture is. See


Sorry I haven't replied to you but have been ill for the last few days with galloping indigestion and sickness.

Thanks for your information; I find this site and the PA site very informative - there is always help available and someone to cheer you up when feeling down.

I have my injections every 6 weeks (my last GP let me have them when I wanted so I plumped for every 6 weeks wish I had gone for monthly!) he also did blood tests for my thyroid function but told me it was normal.  But I have lots of problems losing weight (it took over a year to loose 38lbs - less than 3 lbs a month).  I only have to look at food and I put on weight.  My maternal side of the family all have problems with losing weight after giving birth and were all over weight.  My father was like a lath - was the same weight when he left the army in 1946 til he died a few years ago and ate like a horse.  I think that I will ask my GP for T3 and T4 after I have had my operation now in June (yeah!) to remove the bad parathyroid glands, so I hope that their removal will make me feel a lot better.  If he won't then I'll go privately as you suggest. 

I also have a fractured right arm which won't heal.  I asked for it to be pinned in February/March as it wasn't healing then but was refused now after seeing a consultant who thoroughly examined me and is sending me for a CT scan to see what is happening.  If its still bad I have to have it plated and pinned finally after nearly 6 months.

As I say to people life's a bitch and then you die!


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