Enlarged tyroid

Hello everyone, I have got a massive enlarge thyroid like the size of a mango that is sitting on both my breathing tube and food pipe.i can't climb stairs without waiting to catch my breath, I can't talk for long cos I will start panting. I did ct scan in January, I got the result of the scan February till now am  still waiting to get surgery date from hospital.my Gp wrote to hospital to bring my surgery date forward as my symptoms are getting worse and my thyroid getting bigger,still not heard from hospital. I don't go out anymore cos of breathing difficulty due to my thyroid . Please do anyone know what I can do to make my hospital give me a surgery date and anybody in similar case,how long from your scan to your surgery. 

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  • If you find out the name of the consultant you have been referred to you can get the contact details of their secretary and ring and say you are suffering, and are available for an appointment at short notice if there is a cancellation.  Try not to be too anxious about the sensation as tension can exacerbate the feeling of choking (at least it did in my case).

  • Thanks midnight blue, I will do that tomorrow 

  • Oh poor you, that's awful that you are being treated so badly. If I were you I'd go to a&e and say you can't breathe. Really lay it on thick. That should get the ball rolling as you'll be seen by a consultant and they also should give you an appointment date.

    Or yes as midnight blue says ring up the consultants secretary and explain everything, they are usually very helpful and will hopefully put you down for a cancelation.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Ambal.

    Try contacting PALS, the patient liason service at every hospital. They might be able to help. Also your GP.

    It is very bad that they have let your goitre get to that size without treatment.

    I hope you are sorted out soon!


  • Thanks leverette,i contacted PALS they looked into it and now I've  gotten an appointment 

  • Hooray! :D

  • The other thing to do is turn up at A and E. I don't think you would even need to exaggerate your symptoms,  especially the breathing problems!  It does sound as if you have somehow or other become invisible.  However busy they are,  it's just not acceptable to leave you in a state which could become dangerous so easily. 

  • Thanks all,it became very big due to  pregnancy. I've been to A and E twice and have heard anxiety attack once.you no the NHS, always slow.

  • I would suggest you call the hospital yourself and explain your situation. I have done this and it has been beneficial. I have got an earlier appointment. Give it a try. Good luck :)

  • Thats terrible, my thyroid swelled up like an egg on the inside and i had trouble swollowing and breathing if i moved my head. My surgery was with in 2 weeks of being assessed by surgeon but that was in 2009 things seem to have deteriorated since then. I hope you get your date soon xx

  • Mrs avoid chopping it off...get some sticky willies from the garden or in a woodland area and wash and clean them then put them in the blender with flax seeds ginger lemon and honey.  You will see a difference in your glands.  Keep takin it until it shrinks! Tried and tested. Works!

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