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Body not absorbing medication

Has anyone else been told by there doctor that there body may not be absorbing medication properly? My condition just seems to get worse since having my thyroid removed in 2013. My hair is in such poor condition and now my eyelashes are falling out to the point I can't even put mascara on anymore! Any tips or advice would be great. Tia 

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Yes, that can happen unfortunately.  But as we see here so often that people aren't on a sufficient dose of thyroid hormones - and taking on board that you don't have a thyroid now - I think it would be best to start with the "how much are you taking?" and "do you have any recent thyroid blood test results to share?" questions.

Many thyroid less folk do end up needing liothyronine after a while of managing on levothyroxine only. It could be that you're one of them.

It could be that you're also now deficient in any of (or all of) Vitamin B12, ferritin and Vit D.

Or - funny that I'm writing this last - it could be your doctor is right, and that your gut is not as healthy as it might be. But I'd rule everything else out first... (Not least because if you aren't on enough thyroid hormone your gut absorption won't improve anyway...)

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I am on 175mg and I haven't got any recent bloods I am due to get some so will upload results once done. I have never heard of this other medication you have mentioned is this quite common?


Your question seems to have been lost in this post. The 'other' isn't (like levo) a medication, both are hormones which our body isn't producing any more or not sufficient for our daily strength.

T4 is the body is thyroxine, levothyroxine is produced by a factory to supplement our failing thyroid gland. It should convert to T3 (liothyronine). Of both important hormones in our bodies T3 is the Active hormone which enters our receptor cells and its work then begins and gives our bodies the energy for everyday tasks.

If levothyroxine dose isn't high enough to convert to sufficient T3 we don't feel well. If it is not being converted properly we need the addition of some T3 to compensate.

Our TSH should be around 1 or lower but many doctors mistakenly believe that if it is anywhere in the range we are taking sufficient. That's not the case, our bodies dictate what is required not the TSH but they don't seem to understand this fact.



Get tests for 




Vit d3

Switch to NDT instead of lousy useless levo 

Virtually all those who had Thyroidectomy do not do well on levo plus must treat on symptoms never never rely on TSH or t4 or t3 

If after Graves far higher dosage is nessecary to restore health due to body being sensitised to high doses 

Old but missing swedish research 

My 73 yr old husband is total proof that only NDT restores health 

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I am assuming your doctor/endo hasn't prescribed some T3 for you or T3 only. Some people have a defective gene called:

If you have this gene you cannot convert T4 to T3. So you should be prescribed T3 only. 

I didn't get better on levothyroxine (I've never had the test) but am well on T3 only.

Levo (T4) is supposed to convert to T3 but if our body doesn't they have to give it direct and it is called liothyronine T3.

Jazzw has given good advice on all the other tests you should have. All should be towards the top of the range not bottom. Deficiencies cause symptoms too.

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Shaws do Endo's actually take any notice of DIO2 test evidence of poor conversion? I have had the test and yes, confirmation I have one faulty gene. This did at least mean that the GP was prepared to refer me to an Endo.

However, despite him being  on the list of sympathetic Endo's he seems to be ignoring the significance of the diagnosis (Regenerus Labs) even though I have provided him with a copy of the certificate and brought his attention to the test result in my consultation with him.

I have since heard that the South East CCGs are trying to stop prescribing Liothyronine (T3) so wonder if this is the answer to his reluctance to acknowledge this as a reason for my continuing ill health?

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Does anyone have any tips on how to improve my hair falling out and my eyelashes. Any think will help I'm getting really annoyed lol. I'm taking over the counter fish oil tablets and vitamin b and iron tablets 


So I have had my bloods done and TSH is 67.16

Which should be (0.27-4.20)


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