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Nutri-meds Adrenal Cortex?

Hi everyone,

I have been taking NAX (advice from DR P).....Not  doing much good.  I want to take an alternative........I really want to start taking Adrenal Cortex from NUTRI- MEDS. 

However, I know that if you spend more than £15.00 (out-side UK and USA it costs a fortune in tax.

Are Nutri-meds based in USA only? and can anybody suggest how to get this product cheaper?

Regards Ollybear

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I'm not sure I understood your question correctly but, if you order products from another EU country, you don't pay import taxes or any other kind of tax. I order from other EU countries all the time, and I have never had any problems. If you order from the US, technically, you are buying goods from a third country (outside the EU), and could therefore be requested to pay taxes. 

Nutri-Meds products are available from the UK. I know that because I have ordered them from the UK in the past (the last time quite recently). However, they recommended I order Adrenavive instead. It's said to be the same thing, only cheaper. But Nutri-Meds is still available, of course.

If you did not do as well as expected on NAX, that could be because you did not need the adrenaline in whole adrenal. Some people (including me) do better on cortex only, as that does not contain any adrenaline.

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I've sent you a PM:-)


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