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Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with a underactive thyroid in June of 2015 was started on 100 of levo but have steadily gone downhill with severe leg and lower back ache, dizziness awful fatigue, pigmentation of the skin, loss of all body hair to name but a few. I saw an endo in January of this year who decided to do a short synacthen  test which was finally done on March 24th, I've managed to get the results from my gp but he doesn't understand them, I'm chasing the hospital desperately trying to get an answer to my results. I wondered if anyone could give me an idea what they might mean.  My endo also wrote to myself and the gp in January saying he didn't think I had an endocrine problem, really??? Anyway would be so grateful if someone could help

Pre synacthen.       221 nmol/L

Post 30 mins.         446 nmol/L

Thank you

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  • Nikki69,

    You're more likely to get replies if you change your title to ask for interpretation of your short synacthen test results.

  • Hi clutter, hope your keeping well, thanks for the reply, I used every title going lol sst, synacthen test results, the thyroid title was the 3rd one and the only one I got an  answer to but I finally got hold of my consultant and Ive more or less have been diagnosed with addisons which explains why my thyroid meds stopped working and my body has collapsed but thanks again. 

  • Nikki69,

    That's a bummer.  Will you be taking corticosteroids?

  • Yes, he's going to call me tomorrow after he's had a meeting about me, (funny back in January no one was interested in me now their holding meetings about me. ) and he'll start me on the steroids. I'll know more on what I'm doing tomorrow. It explains a lot about the thyroid and thyroid medication though.

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