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Can you rely on Thyroid Medication not to be changed?

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone know of a Brand/Type of Thyroid Medication that has never changed.

I currently have liquid T4 but sadly there was something wrong with  my last batch - there was no  smell or taste, normally it has a very strong taste and smell. I did contact the manufacture, the doctor and the chemist but nothing came of it. I took this for two months and my health has really gone down hill, doctor said my TSH was higher than it has ever been, so it seems that the medication had lost its potentcy.

I am very ill again, and struggling so much, so just wanted any thoughts of what could be done if this happened again or if there was a more reliable Medication/Brand available.

Thank you

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I think you must have been unlucky and had a bad batch.  You can report it to MHRA via

Your pharmacist can tell you if there is another brand of liquid T4 available.

I hope you'll recover soon on a new batch.


Thank you Clutter, It has been three months so far and no improvement. I can't believe I have gone down so much, I really was doing so well.

Thank you very much for the link, I think I might report it, I don't want this to happen again, it has been a major set back



How long have you been taking the new bottle?  I assume you aren't still taking the duff batch?


I've been on the new batch for just two weeks, as yet have had no improvement, just had a much higher pulse rate, laboured breathing and the top half of me burning hot and sweating, with my legs still ice cold - this is on top of my usual 36 unpleasent symptoms..   It really makes no sense, I was doing really so well, even being able to get on the exerise bike once a week, now I can barely get up the stairs


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