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LDN in the UK

Has anyone been prescribed LDN in the UK for Hashimotos?  I gave my NHS Endo (here in Kent) some info on it because he said he had never heard of it.  He then said he had no experience of it and to speak to my GP.  My GP wont have heard of it, but said he would prescribe anything that the Endo wanted me to have.  Currently on Levo and Liothyronine.

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No but am sourcing it myself via advice from people on here. there's apparently a clinic  and a pharmacy in Glasgow who supply but.  I believe we need a letter from GP just confirming Hashis/hypo diagnosis.  I'm sure you'll get some replies from others who are trialling it


Hi, thanks for replying. Do you find it helps with symptoms?


I haven't got it yet, am awaiting a GP appt to get letter etc.etc.  I suffer from almost constant ill health which I think is caused by Hashis.

I have great hope though, as I have just read the book written by Linda Elsgood, and it sounds like it can help with all sorts of stuff.  

Naomi8 (on this forum) gave me the contact info for Clinic 158 and the pharmacy, and some idea of costs which was  most helpful - and she sounds as if shes getting on pretty well with it

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Thanks for your reply Daffers123 :)


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