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Hi, I have had an under active thyroid now for over 30 years, since I was 20. I never feel 100%, tired, find it difficult to loose weigh etc despite being in thyroxine. When I have my blood tests my G.P informs me that my results are "within the correct range". My question is how do you know where in the range you are likely to feel better? If I am on the lower part, which I am the only way to be further up the range would be to increase my medication which they won't do. 

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Do you have your Thyroid test results with reference ranges? If so you can post them on here and members can help. If not, get a print out from your surgery (you are entitled to them). It's difficult to comment or make suggestions without knowing where you are in the range for TSH, FT4 and FT3 (although you may not have had FT3 done).


Thank you for your reply, I will do that


Hi there

One other thing to think about is whether you may need NDT or T3 to supplement/replace levo. I was on levo for a year, felt better than I had the previous year before diagnosis but still had the feeling that every bit of energy just drained out of my body through my feet a few times a day, other remaining symptoms and sleeping around 10 hours. I found NDT did the trick for me so may be worth considering (or T3 supplements) if you don't find levo is getting you there.

Good luck

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