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BP link

What is the link between hypothyroid and blood pressure? What wouldn't be working properly or what would I be deficient in?

My blood pressure has rein from 3.4 to 6.9 in the last four years. I've now been diagnosed with micro vascular disease, I'm 49.

Seriously freaking me out.

Still trying to get blood results from GP, it's like they are a flipping secret.  Found an endo though so will head off to see him.


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Hi. Yes, I'm struggling to get my results too, even though we are entitled to them! I submitted an access to medical records form three weeks ago, I must chase them up. 

My blood pressure has been erratic but a 24 hour monitor said I was fine. However, the monitor kept going off so I don't know how they can say it was accurate! There must be a link somehow when you are ill. You get stressed so maybe it does affect blood pressure.

I wish you luck. :-)

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