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Prednisolone Tablets (steroids)


I was prescribed steroids tablets for my asthma last week thought nothing of it as i have had them lots of times before but that was before i was diagnosed with under active thyroid ,Took my last lot sunday and couldn't put my finger on why i feel so bad (exhausted, teary and just under the weather) dug out the instructions and it says i should of checked with the dr or pharmacist before taking them i have googled but can't find why 

I was wondering if anyone knew ? bit late i know as I've already taken them just very curious 

Thank you 

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hello, hope you are ok ? just wanted to tell you I have been prescribed prednisolene tablets for chest infections since I have had an under active thyroid and been ok, its probably likely you still have issues with your asthma but for re-assurance I would ring up your doctor and ask if its ok to take them though I wouldnt of thought the doctor would of prescribed them it that weren't the case.

kindest regards Liz aka Snoopy :)

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Thank you for your reply :)


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