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Levothyroxine and Congestion

I am at my wits end and feel I should have posted on here previously as you have without fail, always helped me in my thyroid experience!

So, I was finally diagnosed with hashis in October 2014 and have increased my Levo since then, around the same time as being diagnosed I reported to me Dr that I felt pressure in my right eye (I had had Bell's palsy on the right side of my face about 4 years previously).  The Drs have again looked at me with puzzled faces and told me it must be a sinus problem, in 2016 they sent me to an ENT specialist who recommended a scan.  May I add that I had NO sinus issues up until this point that were particularly bothersome.  

In the meantime, my thyroid medication was increased in Nov 15 from 125mcg to 150mcg.  In December 15 I began to have serious congestion to the point I would have sleepless nights through being unable to breath through my nose and having serious, and I mean serious, dry mouth - this has continued to present day - although I am taking anti histimines orally and 'nasally' daily and is having a significant impact on my quality of life.

Is there a link???

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Vix22, patients with Hashimoto's may also develop Sjogrens, another autoimmune disease, which causes dry mouth, nasal passages and dry eyes.



Well I do know one thing and that is you must not take anti histamines as they make the situation worse. They cause the mucus to become thick. Nasal wash with apple cider vinegar and hot water is better.

I get nasal infection if my meds are too low but I may be an anomaly.

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I have a dry mouth often during sleep hours,but unable to determine a cause as some nights am ok .Much mucus during day in winter months.


Sometimes the tongue gets larger (inflamed) with thyroid issues thus causing the person to sleep with the mouth open is a potential cause but sjogrens is a possibility. 

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