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Hi everyone,

My endo is trying to get me off T4 altogether with a view to me being on T3 only. I am currently precribed 50mcg of T4 and 40 mcg of T3, though my skin is itching like crazy and am scratching it through the night, also am sleeping till lunchtime, more constipated and getting more hypo by the day. Having been taking this dose for a month now, its clearly not working for me. I need to switch back to my previous dose of 125mcg of T4 and 25 of T3. I have a plentiful supply of T3, but need to get hold of T4. The mexican supplier I ordered from apparently has changed name (though, I have looked on both websites and found that the old site is still there and the new one just sells jars with synthroid labels on them). As far as I am aware, according to an email I had from who I thought was them, saying taht they have changed their name, the old site is no longer open - but when I went on it it is still there. I have sent them an email so will see what the outcome is. Please can anyone shed any light on this? and let me know where I can purchase some synthroid.

Thanks :-)

P.S. Please bear with me for slow replies as I have no internet at home and kinda live in the middle of nowhere.

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Eutirox can be bought over the counter in Spain if you know of anyone holiday inn there anytime soon!


Thanks for letting me know. Its good to know that. Unfortunately, I dont know anyone who is going there :-(. I went to Madrid in 2006, but didnt have a hypo diagnosis that far back, but definately had symptoms.


Have you contacted your Endo to explain what is happening to you?


Not yet. I have to wait 6 months for another appointment.


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