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Good afternoon everyone I'm after a bit of advice if at all possible, going back to December having had biopsies and peroxidase antibody bloods,results showed I have gone from hypo to hyper and have calcium nodules, saw my endocrinologist last week and go back in 4 month which is good news,my problem is I still have the problem swallowing my saliva been on going since January salty taste pains in ears and glands are up any ideas,I'm sick of going to GPS and been fobbed off this is really affecting my life everyday, I'm wondering if this could be an infection of some sort what do you think,I'm back at docs at 4 pm see if I get anywhere today tia

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Sounds like he's just testing your TSH! What you need to do is get copies of all your blood tests to see what he's tested, and what exactly the result was. It's your legal right to have copies.

The problem is, if he's just testing the TSH, and the TSH is below range, he's going to say you're hyper - which is nonsense, of course - but you could still be Under-medicated because your FT4 and FT3 will be low. And it's the FT3 that affects how you really feel, not the TSH. But most of them Don't have the slightest idea how it all works!

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Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it, I'm going to get on to my endocrinologist for copies,in the meantime I have been given antibiotics and medicine to try and help with the swallowing problem fingers crossed it works my friend who is medically trained said it sounds like an infection but will see if they work, got an ent appointment on 29th too x

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