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Hi this is my ferritin level on 20 th jan it was 20 and last one on 19th feb it was 14 range is between 15 and 200 . My b12 was 322 range was 197 to 771 . My folate was 9.3 range 4.6 to 18.7 . I asked for full blood count for iron levels but won't get this until Tuesday . I am hypothyroid with very dry skin hair loss depression and anxiety are these all related and how can I supplement my gp is saying satisfactory . To all !!!!

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  • Your GP s an idiot! How can a ferritin level of 14, under range, be normal? He should be prescribing iron supplements if not iron injections/infusions. It needs to be increased without delay or your Thyroid meds can't work properly. Your B12 needs to be around 900-1000, supplement with sublingual Methylcobalamin (Solgar and Jarrow do them). Folate should be half way through range so that could also be a bit higher. A good B Complex can help that, get one that contains methylfolate not folic acid (Thorne Basic B Complex is a good one).

  • Hi thank u so much someone has listened to me I even had an argument with the reception ist yest I booked an app to get all bloods rechecked esp the ferritin and she said because gp had written satisfactory then I don't need rechecked even tho it's sigmificantly low and because of symptoms . I have ferrous funerate here will I just start today . ? I also have folic acid will I also supplement this . I diddnt realise thyroid meds won't work sufficiently because of all this . I will be making sure I get full blood picture ferriton b12 and folate and thyroid bloods done on tue . I was going to wait until then before supplementing myself .!! Do they actually have to wait until someone is really unwell before prescribing . !!!!

  • Yes, you could start the ferrous fumerate if you want but it might be better to wait. Take with 1000mg Vit C to aid absorption. Also keep it away from your Thyroid meds by at least four hours. If you take your Thyroid meds in the morning then take your iron in the evening. If you get any digestive upset you might need to change to a more gentle form but see how you go. Or you might just want to wait the few days until after your next blood test, that might be better and give a good, clear baseline for everything. A few more days won't hurt.

    Forgot to say in first reply that all those symptoms you mention can be related to hypo, hair loss also related to low iron.

    Also, see if you can get Vit D test done as well. If not that's easy enough to get done privately for £28 and result back within a week.

    One last thing, as you are having thyroid tests done, get the appointment for the blood draw as early as possible, 8.30 or 9.00am as that is when your TSH will be highest, TSH lowers throughout the day and you want it to be as high as possible for your Thyroid tests. Also, don't take your thyroxine on the morning of the blood draw, leave 24 hours since your last dose and take it after the blood has been taken. Also fast, water only, have breakfast when you get back, all helps with the figures.

  • Thks so much for all the advice I know a few more days won't make much diff but it's been a month and it's got lower just scared il get worse if I wait yes so made for half 8 in morn c

  • GP should definitely be giving you a prescription for iron!!!

  • Thks natchap im goin to start these tday x

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