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If you have both Graves and Hashi antibodies and have symptoms of hyper and hypo is ths hashitoxicosis. I'm struggling to understand my TSH of 6 and TPO 240 when right now I can't keep still, have a crazy compulsion to run (you may have heard of this) I wake up at 3/4 after about3 hours sleep feeling like this but I'm exhausted. Just an aside who read The Red Shoes?? I think it's about a girl with hyper thyroid. Iv ordered some thyroid S to deal with this myself but have reservations because of how I feel

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  • Thanks so much yes very interesting and describes how I feel. Not sure what to do about it though as no medical help available is taking thyroid meds a good idea

  • Debbymcc60, Hashitoxicosis is a transient hyperthyroidism caused when Hashimoto's attacks the thyroid gland causing an excess release of thyroid hormone. I think it would be helpful for you to have FT4 and FT3 tests to check your thyroid hormone levels before self-medicating.

  • Iv returned the Blue Horizon test this morning and although I have ordered the meds I'll wait for results and ask advice

  • So are the*Graves antibodies irrelevant?

  • Debby, truthfully, I don't know. I'm inclined to think that antibodies do impact on health and well being. It was certainly the case that I was swinging between hyper and hypo with TPOab 230 athough thyroid levels were euthyroid. My doctors insisted symptoms were non-thyroidal because I was euthyroid but symptoms resolved after thyroidectomy so I'm convinced they were wrong.

    You might try 100% gluten-free diet to see whether symptoms improve.

  • Hi Debby

    I can certainly relate I have both graves and hashi anti body's although the graves was dominant and I was treated for hyper 2 years ago I'm still struggling with symptoms and to be honest I have never been totally free even though I'm now euthyroid

    I'm still getting symptoms so like clutter I'm sure that the anti bodies do affect us

    I'm still showing positive for both but dr aren't worried if your tsh t 4 is ok

  • Wow! You know that moment when you are deafened by the sound of multiple pennies dropping? Well, I just had that. The link Clutter shared explains so much for me.

  • Do you mean the hashitoxicosis link lux,? I see you are up at this stupid o'clock hour too

  • Being up at stupid o'clock is the story of my life, lol. Yes, the Hashitoxicosis link has hit the nail on the head for a number of reasons. Very useful info.

  • Wow me too, yea iv just read your antibodies question thread, I definitely have rollercoaster symptoms which is why the doctors have handed me over to the Functional Somatiform gods

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