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CT Tomography

I am having a CT Tomography tomorrow to see if I have any Artery Blockage ( due to my younger brothers recent Triple Heart Bypass because of blockages, and Heart problems run in family)..

My CT Scan is less intrusive than having the Angiogram which goes through the vein at your wrist.... what I want to know is I will be injected with a special dye - is this Iodine ? Thanks Jean :-)

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Twinkle, a contrast dye may need to be injected or swallowed.


Yes I realise that and I am not sure if I should have it done, as it is injected and I have read that it contains Iodine and we are warned about the detrimental effect it can have on your thyroid - have been Hypothyroid for 16 years ( with a year of being Hyperthyroid due to Over Medication as my Doctor didn't drop my dose when he should have done)...

Will phone the Hospital in the morning to clarify this and if so will be cancelling the appointment which is in the afternoon.

Thanks Jean


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