Thyroid Diary

Thyroid Diary

My wife struggles to keep up with her meds (T3 only plus supplements), take her vital signs & record her symptoms. The information is vital to tweak her meds etc (she sees Dr Peatfield every quarter) but so hard to keep on top of. We've tried a paper diary and daily schedules, but it all goes out of the window when something goes wrong.

I realised that she can't be the only one who has this issue, so I have designed an app to try to help. I think that it could be very useful for a lot of people with thyroid and adrenal issues, but it would be really helpful for me to get feedback from the people its designed for before I go ahead and build it.

I want to get this right and help as many of you as possible. You can find out more about it, and leave feedback, at or just reply on this thread! Thanks

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  • looks a great idea and i have filled in the request

  • This looks great and I was looking for a symptom diary earlier this week on the App Store. Thanks for sharing.

  • Looks good, an attractive and user friendly interface. Well done. I have signed up for early access.

    One question... will there be an option to change the colour scheme; it is a bit pink!

  • LOL I'll think about that one. My wife said the same thing!

  • Looks great. What a lovely idea you have. I've signed up. Thank you.

  • Brilliant idea. Could be useful for people with other conditions as well.

  • Thanks Andrea. I did think about that, but decided to concentrate on the problem on my doorstep first!

  • I am gadget challenged and no electronic 'ego' to bruise (just tell me which button to push) but... could this be used by USA thyroid sufferers?

  • Absolutely; its for everyone everywhere (if enough people use it I might translate too)! I'm trying to build this so its simple to use for all. You're not 'gadget challenged' - there's no such thing - its designers who are the problem for making things too complex!

  • It looks extremely useful for those monitoring their condition, whatever it is; what an excellent piece of kit. Congratulations and kudos :-)

  • A great concept and useful to monitor and track results. It would be brilliant if it could be linked with ThyroidUK someway. Thank You for being so caring.

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  • Thank you for your kind words. I'm happy to work with ThyroidUK, STTM and all of the other support groups out there. We're all in it together!

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