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I'm absorbing a lot of information these days as tomorrow I've got an appointment with the endocrinologist. Tomorrow I am seeing the NHS endocrinologist, though a few days ago I managed to see an endo through the private insurance I've got, that was Dr H S, but he did not seem to link any supplement deficiency to thyroid disease.

Just wondering if anyone can send me a private message with recommended endocrinologists who would consider looking at supplements working together with the ATD.

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  • Danutza, Endos and GPs don't seem to have a great knowledge of nutrition and supplements so don't be disappointed if your endo doesn't help in that respect tomorrow. I hope the consultation is helpful otherwise.

  • Ok, I see. Would a nutritionist be able to test for Vit/mineral deficiencies and recommend dosage?

    For the Dr tomorrow I printed different studies done Graves and supplements, maybe he'll listen...

  • Danutza, you'll probably get better advice about vits/minerals from this forum than an endocrinologist. A nutritionist can order blood tests but it will probably be less expensive if you order your own. For basics like ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate you can get advice on dosing here but a nutritionist ought be able to advise.

  • Thank you, I've tried to work out dosage, but I am unsure about it. I've replied to fruitandnutcase below with what I've started taking over the weekend - but I worry about dosage. Do you know if you need a referral to go to a nutritionist?

  • I suggest you do a Google Scholar search on Graves + vitamin deficiencies

    should be some reliable research papers

    I can tell you that despite best possible diet my husband landed up with scurvy and beri beri after Graves then surgery and 6 yrs without being given thyroid meds

  • Thank you, reallyfedup123.

  • Your GP can test for serum b12, folate, Vit D, full iron panel, transferrin saturation, selenium, zinc. I guess it depends on how good your GP is, mine was happy to test for everything if read about.

  • I tried to, but GP did not seem to consider these as being important for this condition! The private endo said he would recommend testing for Vit D as I cannot be in sunlight due to my sunlight allergy. But nothing else.

  • Think I might have mentioned it to you already but in case it was to someone else - click on my name, read my bio then click on the YouTube video link and see what vitamins and minerals are vital to help your thyroid function properly. If your endo isn't willing to test for those bits and minerals it would be worth your while getting them tested yourself.

    Don't expect much from your endo visit - most of the times I saw one I came away disappointed - not sure what I was searching for but I never found it. So go expecting nothing and you can only be surprised if it is a good visit.

  • Thank you, I've just done that. May I ask, after you started supplementing, did you start feeling better? I am worrying because I am breastfeeding and would like to continue doing it. I've started to take a B-Complex mega vitamin, Selenium 200ug, Ca Mg with D3 and a separate D3 50ug (2000iu), Vit C 1000mg and Omega 3. I did a bit of research and I can't seem to find if there is any ill effect from these on the baby, that is where my concern lies. I am waiting on acetyl-l-carnitine to arrive and I'll start that at 500mg, I think. I wanted to talk to a GP/endo/nutritionist just to seek reassurance that I am not harming the baby.

  • Danutza, My personal view is that 200mcg Selenium is a little high, 100-150mcg is sufficient. If Ca Mg is a calcium supplement I would advise checkingcalcium level before supplementing. I don't see why supplementing vits/mins which are usually derived from food and diet should be damaging to your baby but perhaps you can check with the baby clinic.

  • Yes, I really do think they made a difference. Think it's a good idea to talk to someone about supplementing and breast feeding - probably a well qualified nutritionist.

  • Do you have Hashimotos? Why do you think Thyroid Disease is due to lack of something? In the US, you can't find a doctor who recommends much supps, unless you are low on something that was tested. I was told Selenium lowers Thyroid antibodies. Being hypothyroid can cause low d and is related to anemia, not the other way around...they are connected.

  • Hi, I've got Graves' disease but I am also allergic to sunlight, so I am probably low on Vit D. The consultant today said 7 out of 10 people are Vit D deficient in the UK.

  • Allergic to Sunlight? Do you get a rash?

    I don't believe in the vitamin d thing. People must have been "deficient" for all time. Maybe we were meant to have low levels of vit D. They don't know enough about it yet. What about people in Alaska, then?

  • people in alaska eat a lot of oily fish. Cod liver oil contains high levels of vitamin d.

  • Hi Danutza, I used to be allergic to the sun (I've Scottish ancestry and have very fair skin). But when I moved abroad where the sun is stronger I slowly - together with eating more orange fruit, peaches, etc, carrots and tomatoes - became more tolerant, acclimated over the years.

  • Very interesting, the allergy is worst here in the UK. I went to Spain, in Sevilla, and the allergy was a lot less severe and it was a lot hotter. I am originally from a hot European country and loved the sun, when suddenly after the birth of my first child I developed this allergy. And then I developed Graves' disease after the birth of my second child. Women do get their Vit D reserves depleted during pregnancy so as I live in the UK I was unable to get them back up again! Anyway, I've started Vit D at 4000 IU (by mistake, I thought I was taking 2000 IU) and almost immediately felt better. Supposedly the Dr should have checked Vit D deficiency when I was diagnosed with chronic urticaria, but he never did. And it seems that the IgE is involved in both urticaria and auto-immune thyroid disease, so there may be a link. But of course none of the endo as are willing to look at this, even though there are medical studies done on this!

  • That's great the vitamin D is helping you. It seems these days you have to research your own health to get the best treatment!

    I personally need to get my underactive thyroid sorted out again, have started myself on 5-htp.

  • Thank you, McCord, thee may be hope :-). This is all I need to convince my husband to move to a nice, warm part of Spain or Italy or France!

  • Lol :D

    Oh wouldn't some sunshine be nice :)

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