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Is this a hashimotos flare or remains of my cold?

I had a severe cold that turned into bronchitis, double ear infection and sinus infection about 2 weeks ago now.. I saw the doctor 4 days into feeling sick and was given a 10 day dosage of anti-biotics to help fight the infection, I have felt better for almost a week now until this morning when I woke up to swollen painful glands in my throat and neck, dry throat but not in a sick itchy sort of way, more or less just moisture like i may have been snoring all night from the swelling. I am 29 female and diagnosed with hashimotos hypothyroid for 3 years now medicated but still unbalanced.. I am gluten free and I do know I have 7 nodules on my thyroid that are non cancerous...I just don't know if this is a hashimotos flare up or a remnant of my infection... Also, any ideas to ease the swelling and pain? Or what to do if it is a flare?

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This year's variant of the cold seems to have a habit of flaring up again after a week or two. I know several people who have had the same problem. But you have also just finished your ABs, so if you think the infection has recurred I would think another doctor visit would be wise.


I'm having exactly the same issue. I also have Hashimotos. Has yours improved now?


I went back to the doctor, they gave me prednisone. It helped with the inflammation and then I did a lymphatic drainage massage on myself to help ease the pressure in my neck and throat, that helped a ton, YouTube lymphatic drainage massage face and neck. It works,but don't rub to hard, you can over stimulate and cause problems with hashimotos..

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