On my fourth course of Flucloxacillin

This is the 3rd time I've taken it in about a year and I took it once before about 2 years ago.

I'm just wondering if it's possible that I'm immune to it now? Or can you have it prescribed to you multiple times? I know people say you should ALWAYS finish your courses, but sometimes it's hard to remember (as it's 4 a day) and given my hectic sleep patters, I don't always manage to take it all 4 times and sometimes only twice. I tried my best to take one every 6 hours, but somehow the days slipped away from me last time.

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Gripp55, if you don't finish the course the infection won't completely clear and will return. Set a notification or alarm on your phone to remind you to take each dose until you finish the course.

The infection did go. I'm taking it from a different reason now.

Grip55, you should still finish the course.

You donT get immune to the anti biotics, its the bugs that get immune to it... They devlop new antibiotic resistant strains.

You, however will be depleting all of your good stomach and intestine bacteria..... suggest you go for a good course of probiotics after youf finish each course of antibiotics.

Xx. G

I second this. Get some high quality probiotics from health food shop in the fridge section. I'd advise against just using live yoghurt as you may have a slight dairy intolerance and the natural sugars in even natural unsweetened yoghurt a can feed certain bacterias.

Also very good things to help repopulate your gut flora - organic (not with added vinegar) sauerkraut and kombucha green tea drink. Both excellent. X

While taking antibiotics, you should have yoghurt to maintain your gut bacteria. Also, if you forget taking it as you should, you might end up having different levels of antibiotics during the day. I presume you're given 250mg. I find it hard to understand why your doctor continues to prescribe the same medicine every few months. I would expect a doctor to change either the medicine or its strength. Is it for cellulitis?

Try to follow Clutter''s suggestion about the alarm. BTW, did you tell your doctor that you didn't take the medicine as you should?

I switched doctors not that long ago, though, my current one keeps on asking if I'm allergic to antibiotics, even though she prescribed them before...

BTW, this is the closest doctors to me that I'm allowed to register with, so I can't change it again.

I left a long comment, which disappeared all of a sudden.

I didn't mean for you to change GP. Just have a chat with the one who suggested the fourth time for you to take the same antibiotics. Tell the GP about the haphazard way you have been taking them. Also have a look at the following Web page which describes various allergies:


I'm going to tell them the next time I see them.

Great. I'm curious to hear what the GP will tell you to do. It's interesting that you had no problems with the digestive system after so many doses of antibiotics.

I already have IBS, so I'm kinda used to intestinal pain.

I have been using the VSL3 for a few days now.... Have you come across these?



No, I've never had probiotics before, other than Yogurt.

Hi Grip, it's not we, the human, who becomes immune to antibiotics, it's the bacteria. That's why resistance is so, so serious, it's not the individual, it will be all of us, so yes, you can take it multiple times but this is also why it is very, very important to take it as directed and complete the whole course, otherwise you help the bacteria develop resistance.

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